Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency and has been one of the most popular cryptocurrency coins over the years. Bitcoin operates on a secured network known as blockchain on which every transaction is recorded. The fact that Bitcoin is secured, cannot be controlled or destroyed by anyone and cannot be hacked has made the coin the choice of many companies and online businesses, including Multilevel marketing businesses. And as a result, there has been the development of bitcoin MLM software. The similarity between blockchain and MLM is that they are both peer-to-peer models which operate in a network. So it will be a smart move to integrate the cryptocurrency with the MLM business as it will help to advance your business and offer the opportunity of international transaction without any additional transaction fee.

In MLM business different kinds of currency transactions occur such as product purchase, payout, investment, commission distribution and lots more. So to eradicate theft and fraudulent activities many MLM businesses are now using bitcoin MLM software for the easy transaction of money and security of their business. The popularity of bitcoin has brought about bitcoin MLM opportunities and bitcoin MLM scams, which means there are a lot of bitcoin MLM companies, therefore one needs to be very careful when choosing a bitcoin MLM company. 

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At NetSoft, our bitcoin cryptocurrency MLM software offers a wallet, cryptocurrency trading, initial cryptocurrency offering(ICO), blockchain app and exchange trading for easy transactions. Our reputable company provides a bitcoin MLM plan that can work based on your business. Our bitcoin trading software and bitcoin MLM software provides various features and benefits that will increase the productivity and profit of your MLM business. Also with our software, you can easily integrate bitcoin for commission payment, purchase, transfer of funds, trade with other coins and more.


Automatic Processing

This feature includes email and SMS marketing where customers can be notified automatically. 

Member Management

The member management feature in our Bitcoin MLM software can manage member

Manage Transaction

The member management feature in our Bitcoin MLM software can manage member


Manage fund

This software allows you to manage funds as our team connects the software with the wallet and then enables it.

Bitcoin API

Our team works on a secured platform and with our bitcoin API we can provide high encryption.

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Global Transaction

The bitcoin MLM software due to its popularity allows the international transaction of digital coins. Meaning anyone from anywhere in the world can easily make a transaction and do business with you.

Eradicate Fraud or Manipulation

The blockchain network on which bitcoin operates makes it impossible for any fraudulent activities to take place. All the blocks are chained to one another and the system gets alert if there are any suspicious activities.  And through the basics of public key and private key of bitcoin management.

Low Transaction Fee

With the bitcoin MLM software, the transaction fee of bitcoin is very low when compared with traditional currency.

Decentralized financial transactions

Bitcoin being a decentralized currency makes it difficult for anyone to control it and it also eliminates the interference of any government or third parties like banks or other financial companies.

Fast transaction

It is easy to make multiple cryptocurrency transactions in a faster way through the help of a custom agile process. 

Highly Secured

Every transaction made through cryptocurrency coins is secured because of the network at which the coin-operated. Also, the 2-factor authentication and the hash key which are allowed by cryptocurrency makes it possible to secure data.

What makes our software more unique is that it is customizable and can meet the various needs of every MLM business knowing fully well that most of the Multilevel Marketing business has different needs. A business owner can introduce their business on a digital platform by integrating cryptocurrency with MLM business and users can conveniently and quickly make transactions. The bitcoin MLM software provides users with easy and real-time registration because all you need to do is just sign up in wallets with your personal information. 

You can order your bitcoin MLM script demo to see how it works and how it can benefit your business. It is very important to choose a bitcoin MLM software that is effective for your MLM business and that is why we offer various MLM plans. So whatever your needs are, we at NetSoft can help meet those needs by providing you with productive, effective and efficient software for your MLM business.