The Ultimate Guide to the Best Party Plan Companies for Direct Selling Success


When it comes to direct selling, party plan selling stands out as one of the most popular methods. The majority of direct selling companies adopt this marketing method because it’s not only a convenient way to promote both the company and its products but also an effective means of generating leads and sales.


A party plan typically involves hosting a home party where the company’s sales representative showcases and sells products. Anyone can host a party for the company by scheduling an appointment with the sales representative. During the party, the host invites guests who are then presented with product demonstrations and sales pitches. Most party plan companies operate under the multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, where sales representatives earn commissions not only from their own sales but also from the sales of their downline team members.

The party plan model has been particularly successful among women, who use it to sell products like jewelry, cosmetics, kitchenware, wine, lingerie, and more.


In the party plan marketing method, mainly women sales representatives approach other women to host parties or social events in their homes. During these gatherings, the sales representative showcases the company’s products and offers them for sale to the guests. The hostess typically receives gifts and a percentage of the sales proceeds. Additionally, guests often receive incentives for attending, such as token items or discounts.

At the party, the sales representative demonstrates the products and takes orders from the guests. Sales representatives usually earn commissions on their own sales and may also receive commissions from the sales of recruited team members.


Party plan originated in the 1930s, invented by Norman Squires for Stanley Home Products, but it was popularized by Brownie Wise, who used it to market Tupperware products. Tupperware’s success in the 1950s demonstrated the effectiveness of the party plan model, providing women with an opportunity to socialize while earning income in a comfortable environment.


In the realm of beauty and cosmetics within the MLM sector, Mary Kay holds a legendary status. Founded in 1936 by Mary Kay Ash with a modest investment of $5,000, Mary Kay is a privately-owned direct marketing company.

Presently, the company is recognized as the sixth-largest direct marketing entity globally, boasting a revenue of $3.25 billion in 2017, as reported by Direct Selling News. With its headquarters in Addison, Mary Kay operates in 40 countries worldwide.

Rooted in the empowerment of women, Mary Kay has transformed the beauty industry with its groundbreaking products. In 1999, Mary Kay Ash was honored as the “Texas Woman of the Century,” underscoring the company’s profound impact and legacy.


Mary Kay operates on an MLM marketing model, leveraging a network of Independent Beauty Consultants. As a Beauty Consultant, you have the opportunity to earn up to 50% on all Mary Kay product sales, in addition to commissions from the sales generated by individuals you enlist into the company.

Hosting a Mary Kay party presents numerous rewards. You have the flexibility to tailor the party according to your preferences, including the type, location, timing, and guest list. Guests can sample products before purchasing, and as a host, you can enjoy benefits such as up to 20% discounts on preferred items, complimentary products, exclusive offers, or special gifts. If desired, you can also opt to host an online party from the convenience of your home.


Established by David McConnell in 1886, Avon is a prominent brand in the beauty product and cosmetics industry. It markets a wide range of products, including color cosmetics, skincare, personal care, fashion, wellness, and fragrances, through a network of sales representatives. Avon has played a significant role in empowering women by providing them with opportunities to establish their own businesses and generate income.

With over 6 million sales representatives globally, Avon is recognized as the second-largest direct selling company, trailing only behind Amway, according to Direct Selling News. In 2017, Avon reported a revenue of $5.70 billion.


You have the option to join Avon as an independent sales representative, enabling you to kickstart your own business at a minimal appointment fee. Upon signing up, you will receive a starter kit containing essential tools to commence your business journey. As a sales representative, you have the potential to earn up to 40%* on all sales. (*The guaranteed 40% earnings apply solely to your initial order, with subsequent earnings varying based on your level of effort.)



What began in 2004 by Heidi and Orville Thompson as a venture for wickless candles and decorative warmers in Meridian, Idaho has evolved into an international business. According to Direct Selling News, in 2017, Scentsy generated $468 million in revenue. Scentsy operates as a direct selling company, specializing in personal and home fragrances, with its products distributed in 11 countries through a network of Scentsy Consultants.


Scentsy products are distributed using the direct sales and party plan model. Independent Scentsy Consultants form the Scentsy salesforce, marketing the products through home and online parties, fundraisers, trade shows, and fairs. To host a party, you can reach out to your Scentsy Consultant, who will provide display products, fragrance testers, and all necessary items for the event.

Upon becoming a consultant, you are required to purchase the Starter Kit for $99 or the Enhanced Kit for $149, containing everything needed to start selling. Consultants can earn between 20% to 30% based on their personal sales.



Earl Tupper founded the Tupperware brand in 1948 in Massachusetts. Tupperware offers a range of lightweight, non-breakable plastic kitchen and home products, including containers for food preparation, storage, and serving.

Tupperware pioneered direct marketing and popularized “Tupperware Parties” in the 1950s, providing a platform for product promotion and sales. Today, Tupperware operates in over 100 countries, with products sold through a network of over 1.9 million direct salespersons worldwide. In 2017, Tupperware reported revenue of $2.26 billion, according to Direct Selling News.


You can earn with Tupperware by becoming a Sales Representative. Upon starting, you can receive a profit of approximately 25% on your personal sales, with potential earnings of up to 35% per month. In addition to personal sales, you can earn royalties on the sales of your team members as you build your team.


Established by Petter Mørck in 1975, Arbonne is a Swiss brand that commenced its US operations in 1980. Arbonne specializes in crafting premium-quality skincare, beauty, and nutritional products that are vegan, botanically inspired, cruelty-free, and sustainable. Not only beneficial for consumers, Arbonne’s products are environmentally-friendly.

A member of the DSA, Arbonne operates as a direct sales company, marketing its products through a network of 260,000 independent consultants. In 2017, Arbonne reported revenue of $553 million, as per Direct Selling News.


Arbonne markets its products through its network of Arbonne Independent Consultants. As an Independent Consultant, you can earn through client commissions, representing profits paid on product sales to clients (35% of the SRP), with 15% of the SRP offered to preferred clients. Additionally, if you build a team, you can earn from the sales volume of your team members, along with cash bonuses based on personal and/or team sales.


Founded in 2012 by the brother-sister duo Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, Younique is a beauty and skincare company headquartered in Lehi, Utah. With the mission of empowering women globally, Younique launched with its flagship product, 3D Fiber Lashes mascara, achieving tremendous success in the beauty industry. In 2017, Coty, the beauty conglomerate, acquired 60% of Younique’s stake for approximately $600 million, according to Reuters.


Younique operates as a direct sales company, selling its beauty products through a network of “presenters” who promote and market the products through direct selling and social media. Host rewards are available by hosting a Younique virtual party, enabling friends to try and purchase products.

To become a Younique Presenter, you can sign up by paying a fee of $99, receiving a starter kit of products and your own website. Younique pays royalties on sales, with earnings deposited into your PayQuicker account within 3 hours of each sale. You can earn royalties between 20% and 30% as a Younique Presenter.


Founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher, The Pampered Chef is headquartered in Addison, Illinois. The company offers high-quality kitchen products, including cookware, tools, foodstuffs, and cookbooks, with a product line consisting of over 500 items. Acquired by Berkshire Hathaway in 2002, The Pampered Chef is renowned for its hassle-free cooking experience.


Operating as a direct seller of kitchen products, The Pampered Chef markets and sells its products through its sales force of Independent Pampered Chef consultants. Products are primarily sold through cooking shows or in-home cooking demonstrations, with over 1 million cooking shows held annually in the US.

As a Pampered Chef consultant, you can earn between 20% to 27% commission on personal sales and enjoy discounts of up to 50% on Pampered Chef products. You have the option to work independently or build a team, offering financial and personal benefits.


Traveling Vineyard, established in 2001 and based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, is a direct selling wine company in the MLM niche. Acquired by Robert Libby in 2010, the company underwent restructuring.


Traveling Vineyard markets and sells its wines through in-home wine tastings, facilitated by over 5,000 independent sales representatives known as Wine Guides. To join Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide, you need to purchase a Success Kit for $179.99, containing essentials for business success.

As a Wine Guide, you earn up to 35% of your personal sales as a “personal marketing fee,” with additional bonuses on your team’s sales. On average, Wine Guides can earn between $80 and $100 for each wine tasting event organized.


Founded by Jean-Claude and Claudine Boisset in Burgundy, France, in 1961, Boisset Collection has grown into the third-largest wine group globally, operating in over 80 countries. Headed by Jean-Charles Boisset, the company is a leading wine producer.


Boisset Collection operates as a direct selling wine company in the MLM niche, marketing its products through direct sellers known as Boisset Ambassadors. Ambassadors can sign up online and purchase Ambassador Business Kits, ranging from $149 to $349, to host wine tasting events and kickstart their businesses. Ambassadors can earn up to 30% as commissions on personal sales.


Launched in Sausalito, California, in 2004, Keep Collective is a jewelry and accessories company founded by Blythe Harris and Jessica Herrin, also the founders of Stella & Dot. Keep Collective is dedicated to and run by strong women, evolving into a billion-dollar brand.


Keep Collective markets and sells its products through Keep Collective Designers via “Design Sessions,” typically online sessions where designers showcase products to family and friends. As a Design Session host, you can earn free jewelry from Keep Collective.

As a Keep Designer, you can earn commissions ranging from 25% to 35% on personal sales, with discounts of up to 50% on Keep products. Additionally, you can qualify for perks, bonuses, and prizes.

In general, the line between traditional network marketing and the party plan model has become less clear. What’s crucial to recognize is that the party plan approach has proven to be highly effective and is expected to endure, so it’s wise to embrace it!


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