NetSoft MLM is a product from SunSoft Inc, with more than a decade (14 years) of Software development experience across North America, South east Asia and Asia. In-house development, design, QMS and Software Support team with more than 70+ permanent employees.

Genealogy view, Member network, Member earnings, Message center, E-PIN configuration, E-Wallet charging, Campaign launcher, Social Media engine and much more.

Genealogy Tree, Compensation Plan configurations, Member management, E-Cart listing, Enrolment Package, Wallet management, Reporting console, Social media engine, E-PIN configuration, Promotional tools, Campaign manager, income & turnover history, view transaction history/wallet/transactions of members and much more.

PHP Version 7.X with MVC pattern, MySQL, Bootstrap 3 (UI), Admin & User dashboard using D3.JS charts and J-query data tables, WordPress CMS

Currently available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

We offer both Hosted on your server (License) and Hosted on our server (cloud) as part of our Software delivery Package. For Hosting on your server we need LAMP technology with 4GB RAM for performance.

On an average twice a year, as easily upgradable patches. Upgrades are NOT mandatory as they are meant to improve the performance, security and technology upgrade. Only one version can be supported at a time.

There will not be any outage in your existent live cart, however, the outage will happen only in the NETSoft MLM module which has been deployed based on your database size.

Yes, NetSoft MLM Software can be integrated legacy Software systems like Woo-commerce, Magento Commerce, Open Cart, Salesforce, Zoho CRM tools, Quickbooks, WordPress and more than 120+ payment gateways. We use JSON protocol for API integration that serializes the specified object to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format using the content type, content encoding, and the JSON request behavior.