Magento is an open-source e-commerce web application that is full of benefits to an online business and also helps you have complete control over your e-commerce store. Magento makes provision for customization and upgrades, with this flexibility one can use it based on business needs. There is a need for e-commerce if you want to be visible in the internet world and that is where powerful open source software like Magento or professionals are required. Magento is a powerful tool for the development of e-commerce and is a tool that is more suitable for online e-commerce solution purposes. The Magento MLM software provides you with the necessary tools you need to organize and manage your business effectively.

The software helps you in the e-commerce development procedure which gives your customers a satisfactory shopping experience. The combination of MLM business with e-commerce is in great demand now as it increases business growth and products sales. Magento MLM software provides a lot of advantages and features which can be used for storing and monitoring transactions, history of product sales and more. Recently the e-commerce business with affiliate programs has been setting trends in the Multilevel marketing business and because of that entrepreneurs are searching for the best Magento MLM extension for their e-commerce store. 

NetSoft delivers customizable Magento websites for your business with our experienced developer. Magento MLM software is a platform that provides various features which can help improve productivity and profit in your business.


Product Management

You must be able to manage your products when your e-commerce store begins to grow. The software provides you with various product management tools like searching capabilities, filtering, sorting and more which can help you manage your products effectively. Also, with the low stock RSS feed which you can add you get notified if there is a need for you to restock an item or product. 

Low Price Tag

The software makes provision for storing products at a very low price without transaction fees or setup fees. Most people do consider the cost of venturing into the e-commerce industry as being expensive but we offer affordable MLM software prices with our competitive price tags.

Easy Migration to Magento

For an online business that was established on a different e-commerce platform but considering the stress and difficulty involved to migrate to Magento. If you decide to switch to the Magento platform, you are provided with all the tools and information needed to change your platform. There is a need for you to backup all your server data. So you will need an expert in Magento to help you with the smooth transition to the Magento platform. Migrating your e-commerce platform is not a small task at all but looking at all the features Magento offers and the satisfaction it gives then is worth a try. 

Reporting Option

One of the best ways to know your customer expectations and have a better understanding of your e-commerce store is through reporting. The reporting options provided by this software cover various topics such as shopping cart, customers, sales, products and a lot more. This helps you get information about a lot of things and with this, you can make a better decision based on the information you gathered. 

Easy & Fast transaction

The software makes every transaction on the platform very easy and fast.


Other features include inventory management, international support, order management and marketing tools.


When it comes to e-commerce website design and development one of the best is Magento and NetSoft provide you with Magento MLM software that can help you manage your business effectively without stress. Netsoft MLM software can be integrated with the Magento e-commerce platform and we design it to give all the support needed and provide a complete e-commerce solution. The software can operate any transaction that occurs in an online business which makes it an all in one solution for an e-commerce store.

The Magento e-commerce platform empowers online store owners to handle multiple stores, manage client orders and effectively search for items or products for sale. Magento MLM software provides productive online marketing with a search tool that is easy to use and suitable for every business needs. Our software has been providing great benefits and help to different business owners in and around the world.