Pricing Plans


Host it in your Server and pay the lifetime license fee with three flexible plans

Benefits of NETSOFT LICENSE Club

Own your Software like your business, when it is part of your investment and take complete control on your business without paying yearly license renewal charge nor share your Revenue per user with the software provider month on month.

Why NETSOFT License Club?

  • Complete Control

    In-house software applications give business owners a high degree of control. When you use a hosted solution, you turn much of that control over to a third party provider. If you aren’t comfortable relying on someone else to manage critical business applications.

  • Complete Ownership

    Like your business own your software as well

  • No Annual Renewal Fee

    Just pay the license fee for lifetime with no annual renewal fee

  • No Pay Per User Fee

    Its your software and spend your money on the user acquisition not on the software as you grow






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