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With the growth of Direct selling companies, the number of Direct Selling software companies has increased dramatically. Netsoft™ is not just one among those options rather commit to empowering you with an edge over your competitions with a few unique Industry tools packed with Simple and Secure CLOUD based application to track your network. Our team is comprised of experts having more than 17 years of Marketing and Sales automation experience. With the fast-changing world, we always keep you updated on a powerful enterprise application with optimized performance.

Party Plan

With our Party plan software business module, companies can authorize their distributors who have signed up as a representative on their Direct Selling business to host in-home or online/virtual parties. The purpose of the party is to sell products directly to consumers, in a fun, social setting. Many representatives leverage social selling on Facebook Live, Instagram. The attendees of a party serve as a source of future party hosts. As an incentive for hosting a party, the hostess receives a Hostess Reward. The Reward can be a discount on products, free products, or the ability to purchase exclusive Hostess Only products. The representative receives compensation on the retail sales from a party.

Unique Party URL for each party until validation

Page builder to design your own party page

Robust Hybrid Commission engine

Graphical Genealogy

Corporate and Distributor back office

Enhanced report management

Replicated websites

E-invite with RSVP

Your branded Mobile apps

Facebook and Virtual Parties

Shopify or woo shopping cart integration

Hostess Rewards

E-Commerce Integrations

With Netsoft’s DNA, you have a real Freedom to choose your own e-Commerce MLM Software platform. Our Platform can be Powered with Shopify MLM software, Woo-commerce MLM Software, Magento MLM Software and CS-Cart with a seamless Innovative Interactive Integration.

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