Replicating Site Software

Any organization venturing into the marketing world and marketing members of the network have to create a website. One of the important features of an affiliate MLM software is the ability to replicate a website, as it allows each referred member to have their website for the effective promotion of their business. With our replicated website software you can easily create replicated websites for your affiliates. Netsoft MLM software provides distributors with features that help them to effectively manage various content on their website. 


Replicated Website Meaning

The term replicated website is defined as a website that is assigned to new members the moment they are referred, sponsored and given packages entitled in the network. A replicated website software is used in creating or developing the replicated website. Companies or organizations can easily monitor and oversee the whole process since all the sites replicated are run from a single platform. The self-replicating website system is a feature-rich platform for marketing companies.

Netsoft MLM software is packed with powerful features that will help improve your business online and also provide a customizable website for every member. With a simple and easy to use interface for the management of your replicated website. A start-up MLM business that wants to launch their business, sign up a distributor and grow their business need a replicated website. And with Netsoft MLM software there is more a business can achieve. 

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A self replicated website for your business provides you with different benefits which include

Easy maintenance of a website by user

The web interface provided make it easy for a user to maintain their site.

Product Display

There is a wide database provided for the display of products.

Promotion of products

With the help of affiliates you can promote your products and services easily.

Easy & Friendly Interface

The interface is easy to use and is user-friendly, meaning anyone can use it.

Easy Customization's

You are given the chance to customize your website to your taste.

SEO Friendly

You can create an SEO friendly URL for each website.

Design Template

You have a lot of templates to choose from as you are provided with lots of design templates.

Fast to create

With the features included in website replication, it becomes fast to replicate a site because there is no need to start creating banners or specific pages for each affiliate.

Replicated Website Script

The website replication script we developed at Netsoft allows a new member to get a self replicated website and their name. The name can be a suggestion by you with the option to customize the URL by using the ‘ with the username/id. It means if you are having a ‘’ and a new member join then the replicated website will now be ‘’. 

Our software provides a personal web address to the distributor which links directly to your company website.

How MLM Website or Replicated Website is Created ?

The inbuilt features provided by MLM software makes it very easy to create replicated or MLM websites. With the MLM software, an exact copy of the company website is made with just some slight changes in the URL for the distributors. The replicated website will have the company business content, logo, name, header image, photo, monetization, advert, address, phone numbers and social media links. 

When you sign up a personalized website is given to you to allow you to display all your details. Depending on the package option you go for there are lots of features that MLM replicated websites to provide some of which include social media integration, video, blogs, product display, review panel and more. So you can make different websites like affiliate websites, e-commerce websites, business websites and more with the template provided. With this a novice can create a beautiful multipurpose website. 

We don’t just develop software and leave you to it but we ensure you are provided with the best service your business needs. At Netsoft we offer you the following

Mobile Improvement

All the distributor websites work perfectly well on mobile and function well without any issue.


Our team are always ready to give you all the support you need

Content Marketing Service

Within a limited time you can design a content marketing service for your distributor.

MLM Website Builder

We create an easy to use and powerful website builder for MLM business.

Modern & Responsive Website

We create a responsive and beautiful website that works well for you and your distributor.

Management Tools

We provide you with tools that help you manage your content and company effectively.

Template Design

We help design templates for distributor websites.

Our replicated software is rich in features that will help your business grow and also make things easy for your distributors when they sign up.